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It’s something new…Something different.

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Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to take a look, you’re invited.  There will be art, poetry, stream of consciousness babble, and who knows what else?  I’m just letting it flow.  It started off pretty sombre because that’s how I’ve been feeling.

 Wanna go there?


Have you EVER?…

Seen such a cute apron????


This is the best giveaway you’ll find today.

Tomato Soup Cake is my favorite tomato patch and Diane is a seamstress extraordinaire.  She’ll be the first to admit that she has kind of an apron problem (we’re looking for a 12-step program to address the issue and – say …do you know of a rick rack group as well?)

But you can benefit from Diane’s strange addiction by commenting on her blog post for the apron giveaway.  You’ll be sure to come back, once you’ve visited the tomato patch where she rules with a velvet glove and a pincushion.

6 UN-important Things…

That Make Me Happy.


This is the title of a meme that I decided to participate in.  I got it from Diana at Sunshine On My Shoulders, where that fine lady presides over many important things.

Here are mine~

  1. Green, growing, flowering or fruiting things – especially in their native habitat, but even in a pot in the living room will do in a pinch.
  2. Moving water.  Whether it is the rise and fall of the tide, the action of waves on a beach or out at sea, or a trickling brook.
  3. The music of the Appalachian Mountains and its predecessor, the folk music of the British Isles.
  4. The sound of  my husband humming to himself.
  5. Morning or evening – sun shadows on the walls inside.
  6. Fresh-picked tomatoes.

Well, to me they’re important!

I invite you to join me in filling out this little list.  I’d love to know what makes you happy.  And if you do, please leave me a link in the comments.


Simple Woman’s Daybook

Today~ June 15,  2009
Outside My Window… The sun is making new patterns on the walls as the season progresses.  I love it when that happens, as the earth tilts its axis toward the southern skies.
I am thinking… that I’m up awfully early today! 
I am thankful for… the security of knowing God is with me.  I try not to struggle with the concerns of this life and He reassures me in subtle ways (and sometimes big ways) every day.
From the kitchen…The wonderful, comforting smell of the first pot of coffee of the day.  I absolutely love my coffee!
I am wearing…coral long pajama shirt with deeper coral hibiscus pattern.  Pretty snazzy, eh?
I am creating…New kitchen curtains, as the old ones don’t keep the afternoon glare out of my eyes when I’m working at the counter.  I have several fabrics in my stash that I’m considering using, but they will be mostly pink.
I am praying… for my offspring.  Rod Parsley had a special day of prayer for our kids and grandkids and I am expecting good things in their lives and their Christian walks.
I am going…to a new doctor tomorrow.  The doctor we ‘ended up with’ when we got to Reynoldsburg was very unsatisfactory.  I have had wonderful reports about this one and am looking forward to a good experience – just a general checkup and such for now and hopefully get a handle on my chronic ear infections.
I am reading…A lot of things in Proverbs about Wisdom.  There are some important keys there for living.
I am hoping…that things work out for my daughter so she and her family can get settled into their own home.
I am hearing… birds.  We have a lot of them who visit the yard and I love their sound – although I did have to hang an aluminum pie pan in my tomato bed.  The robins were taking the leaves off them.
Around the house…I need to do the floors and shake out a couple of throw rugs today.  Everything is in good shape, otherwise.
One of my favorite things… My “new” patio.  It had old indoor/outdoor carpet on it when we moved in, so we pulled it up, painted the floor a color called “balsam branch”, a muted, kind of a sage green.  Now I have a table and chairs and a swing there.  It’s a cozy spot, but I’m not quite finished with it yet. 
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…
  • Work on some mixed media challenges
  • Finish the “10 Questions to Ask You Mother – Now” which my eldest daughter asked me to do for all my kids.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing…


Thank you for visiting.


June Art Doll ~ Paper Craft

I belong to a group called MAD Mamma where we make and post dolls according to the challenge given for each month.  We get to see every doll that will be in the swap, and then we are matched by random generator for swapping with each other. 

Up to 5 dolls can be made, so you can wind up with dolls from 5 different people.  It’ s a lot of fun.  The challenge for June was inspired by Jeanette Janson.  You can see a whole gallery of them by scrolling down the left side of her page and clicking on “birds”.

Here is my first bird, made with Rosehill Paper.

Mad Mamma Bird 1255


Thanks for looking at my Paper Craft.

Go toKelli’s House for more Paper Crafts and a great GIVEAWAY!

Papercraft Thursday

Visit Papercraft Thursday at Kelli’s House for more.

I have been making original postcards.  They are cheaper to send than greeting cards, and my friends and family get a kick out of them because they are original art.  For collaged or hand painted ones, I make copies of them to send.  The digital ones, well, they are all copies arent they.

Here are a few samples.

This one is completely digital.  I don’t have a fancy program like PhotoShop, I’m using PhotoPlus which is FREE to download online.  I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I can do with it.  Lots of fun!

Cherubs reading


This one is textured collage background and hand painted.


One Girl Dancing174

And this one is totally hand-collaged.

The Strong Man066

These are so much fun to send and receive.  There are some people who trade back and forth with me and we have such fun.  You can also decorate the other side with stamps, stickers, etc. just leaving room for a message and the address. 

Thanks for looking at my papercraft entry today.


Show and Tell Friday


Go toKelli’s House for more show and tell fun.

I’ve brought some of my perennials and special plants from Nita’s yard to my yard and wanted to share some of my green friends.  I just transplanted them yesterday and took the photos this morning.  They are gonna be very happy here!

This columbine is a very special friend.  First planted in Alaska by the folks who homesteaded out East Road in the Homer area, the seeds have been harvested and planted- year after year- for decades. 

During the time we were in Homer, Nita lived on the Jones’ place where she tended the heirloom flowers there.  Harvested seeds were brought here to Ohio and planted.  Unlike the hybrids, these seeds seem to produce the exact same plant every time.  Very cool.  they will also re-seed themselves from time to time.

Alaska Columbine2


This is my sage bush.  Five years old now, it has grown from a little store-bought seedling to a fine, strong, woody shrub.  Green Friends 011

The flowers are so unique in their shape.

blooming Sage Spike

I like to take a fresh frond and stick it whole inside a chicken or turkey before I bake it.  (Along with an apple…maybe a stalk of celery and a small onion)…yum.  Even whole stems which have been dried are pungent and flavorful in the Thanksgiving bird.  This is one herb that really holds its flavor and aroma when dried and kept sealed in a zip lock bag or glass jar til used.

Just one more – the wonderful Lemon Balm.  I took just a few small clumps for potting, but will be digging in a small bed of this lovely herb in short order.  I planted this 5 years ago too and it just keeps coming back fuller and taller every year.

Green Friends 016

These small plants will go into a hanging pot near my back door.  I like to crush a few leaves and drop them into my iced tea! 

These are just a few of my green friends who are finding new homes in my new yard and garden.  Thanks for looking at my show and tell.



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